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Established in 2014, Out The Box is an organisation that exists to equip Black creative entrepreneurial, and professional talent with the industry opportunities and connections they need through events, workshops and resources. 

A community of more than 5,000 young Black creatives and professionals


More than 50 events, webinars and workshops combined

the team

our mission

We strive to continuously facilitate and equip our network of young Black creatives, entrepreneurs and professionals with the skills, opportunities and access they need to thrive in their professional and personal journeys through events, workshops and online resources. 

We also work towards equity within creative and professional industries through consulting on inclusion and opportunity and employment gaps.

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“I have attended 95% of the Out The Box events and with each one I come away more and more inspired. Not only have I been inspired, OTB gave me the confidence and self realisation that “I can”

Jainaba Jallow, founder of Fruition X and Mama J’s Kitchen.

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