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Treasure Tress

2018 - Present

Treasure Tress is Europe's first subscription box for black women with natural hair. 


We have worked with them on building audiences and event management for pop up events in Birmingham and Leicester, and on two amazing pop up shops with over 25000 attendees.

"Out The Box has an innate understanding of the importance of sacred spaces, never compromising the feeling of safety when attracting large numbers. For us we’ve had the privilege of working with OTB to help organise and host 2500 guests for our Pop Up Shop and we’ve worked with OTB to host 25 guests for intimate events and the quality has never compromised or slipped. They learn quickly understand company values, and finds a way to translate these very quickly and efficient into event spaces. Their organisational skills, contacts and clear communication are why we continue to work with them."

- Jamelia Donaldson, CEO Treasure Tress.

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