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Mentor Black Business

June 2020 - Present

We've been working closely with M&C Saatchi Saturday School on this fast-growing new initiative to mentor 300 black businesses in 3months. 

Triggered by global protests following the murder of George Floyd, this is a proactive response to the systemic racism black people face in industry.


This programme provides an opportunity to build bridges, invest in communities and develop new relationships.

- To support the project, over £10,000 was raised in 24hrs through a crowdfunding campaign.


- The fund was increased, and the total now stands at nearly £20k. 


- Sign ups of 368 volunteers and 250 + black businesses.

"We chose OTB to manage our community at a time where we really needed to grow our audience. At Saturday School we developed and tested a really impactful set of business courses, made accessible for underinvested and underrepresented communities, but we struggled to connect our work at scale to a wider audience. OTB helped us make that last step and got our initiative where it needed to be for our intended audience to see it. They helped us grow our community from 10 small businesses to 275 and counting in 9 months and they help us manage our monthly class where we recently had 80 attendees. We are really grateful for the community support from OTB and we can't wait to keep working with them over the next coming months."

- Akil Benjamin, Director - M&C Saatchi Saturday School.

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